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Columbus, OH


About Me

Hi I’m Ariel Swift. I’m a UX/UI  designer with 5+ years of experience in blending design and strategy to craft thoughtful experiences that solve complex problems. I’ve spent the last three years of my design career working with Mile Two, leveraging my design capabilities to tackle large-scale Department of Defense (DOD) challenges ranging from cyber defense operations and air war mission planning to digital wargaming software.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with understanding how human thought processes, cultures, and experiences shape our actions. This curiosity naturally led  me towards interests in fields like sociology and criminology. The problem was, those jobs lacked the creativity, ingenuity, and unique problem solving I was equally passionate about exploring. Eventually I took a  leap of faith and enrolled at The University of Cincinnati’s design school. There, I quickly realized that UX/UI design was the perfect marriage of my creative and inquisitive sides.


Throughout my career, I've found that harmonizing strategic processes, user-centered design methodologies, and my naturally analytical mind with my eye for aesthetics consistently results in solutions that are both functional and pleasant to use. My time in the DOD world has also cultivated an enjoyment of unearthing design opportunities in complex systems, alongside an ever-growing fascination with emerging technologies.


Outside of my love of design I enjoy cooking, art, theater, sailing with my family, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries and building legos. Most weekends you can also find me engrossed in a variety of passion projects at my local Columbus coffee shop.


I'm always seeking new challenges that fuel my need for continuous learning and encourage me to explore novel pathways for creative problem-solving. If you think that aligns with what you’re looking for, then  let’s connect.

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Passion Projects: UX Process Lecture

Introducing aspiring UX/UI design students to the power of the UX process. Exemplified by my undergrad internship project in partnership with Live Well Collaborative and Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

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