A Little About Me,

I'm a 2019 graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Design with over two years of undergrad co-op and design experience and one year of post-grad fellowship with The Live Well Collaborative. My background in interaction design, strategy design, and research has allowed me to shape a variety of design experiences and interfaces ranging from helping cancer patients with infection prevention to understanding and aiding Latin American communities with money management.

Perhaps the most significant skill I’ve learned in my professional experience as a designer is how to be adaptable. My purposeful decision to try five completely different co-ops in my undergrad experience has helped me learn to be comfortable in the ambiguous, to be prepared to explore multiple solutions, and to respond to rejection with new ideas and approaches. I like to view change as a reason to utilize my adaptability and resourcefulness, and most importantly to seize new opportunities. I don’t believe that good things come to those who wait, but rather that they come to those who take action and adapt to newness. 

What I Bring To The Table

Collaborative Mindset

Comprehensive experience in leading, collaborating, and communicating with team members and partners from a variety of backgrounds.

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User-Centered Outlook

Experienced in interacting directly with stakeholders to identify pain points, outline experiences and journeys, and contextualize the user viewpoint.

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Conceptual Delivery

The ability to effectively develop my insights and opportunity findings into achievable and impactful solutions. 

Refined Visual Design 

A refined visual skill set that supports my ability to turn complex frameworks into intuitive interfaces.

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Clients & Companies I've Worked With 

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Plus Other Confidential Clients